Nicotine pouches with built in gum protection

Recommended by Swedish dentists

Stingfree is the worlds only nicotine pouches with built in protection for your gums. Stingfree is recommended by dentists.

Stingfree is a new and improved snus and nicotine pouch with integrated protection for the gums

Sting Free AB is a Swedish startup company with a patented technology for snus, white snus, nicotine pouches and tobacco-free snus. The technology integrates a thin barrier on one side of the pouch that shields the gums from the substances that may otherwise cause burning and irritation. A majority of Swedish snus users have oral health problems associated with their snus use such as snus lesions, gingivitis and receding gums.

In the spring of 2024 Stingfree asked 23 Swedish dentist, who were also snus or nicotine pouch users at the time, to partake in a test to evaluate the Stingfree technology. These dentist were asked to completely replace the pouch products, that they where using at the time, with Stingfree Strong Blue Mint for 5 weeks. The test group saw significant oral health improvements from replacing their preferred snus and nicotine pouches with Stingfree nicotine pouches with a built in protective layer for the gums. 20 out of the 23 dentists that participated recommend Stingfree pouches to their patients that suffer from snus lesions or irritated gums and are unwilling or unable to stop using pouches. Learn more about the test here.

Sting Free AB’s vision is a smoke-free world where nicotine pouch users no longer have problems with their oral health. In the future, we hope that all pouches will be available with Stingfree technology. 

You can learn more about our product range here

How the Stingfree pouch works

Image showing the two sides of a Stingfree nicotine pouch and explaining their functions

All snus and nicotine pouch products contain substances that can cause burning and irritation on the gums. What mainly contributes to the burning/irritation are pH-regulating substances used to improve nicotine release. Flavorings such as mint, coolants, chili and salt can also contribute to burning of the gums. The Stingfree technology protects the gums from being in direct contact with these substances by attaching a super-thin bio-film to one side of the pouch.

From dental patient to patient patent holder

receding gums
Bengt discusses receding gums from snus use with his dentist

Bengt Wiberg had been using snus for many years when he started experiencing an intense pain in his gums when using snus. His dentist advised him to stop using snus immediately to avoid further problems and give his gums time to heal. Being a former smoker, Bengt worried that he would then start smoking again in order to manage his craving for nicotine, but then he had an idea:

“What would happen if I put a band-aid between my gums and the pouch?”

He began experimenting with different materials and found that the pain in his gums disappeared when a barrier was placed between gum and pouch but that he was still able to enjoy the nicotine and flavor from the pouch.

Our successful product Stingfree Strong Blue Mint

an open can of Stingfree Strong Blue Mint showing the distinctive two colored pouches

Kenneth, Piteå


I have been using different snus brands for over 25 years and this is the first time that I’m not having any problems with my gums.

Mia, Kungsbacka


I think it’s great and I have been missing a product like this on the market. I worry daily about my gums. 

Caroline, Karlstad


I was pleasantly surprised! I usually stick with one brand but now I will consider switching. After the successful launch of our first product we have now launched several new flavors which you can read about here

Aren’t nicotine pouches and snus supposed to sting?

Some snus users think that the burning sensation on the gums is part of the enjoyment of the snus experience, but our surveys show that they are a minority. Regardless of whether you enjoy the sting or not, it is a fact that stinging is the precursor to several of the oral health problems that are very common among snus users. That is why we at Stingfree think that snus should not sting the gums.

Read the results of our survey →


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