Sting Free Snus

Sting Free Snus means no pain & less strain and stain when using any snus, chew, nicotine pods or moist snuff!

Tobacco Journal International on Sting Free Snus

Sting Free Snus is a solution to the problem of stinging and is at the same time gentle and protective to the sensitive gum and oral mucosa of the snus, chew bag or nicotine pouch users mouth without affecting any of the advantages with these, such as the nicotine experience and taste. Therefore Sting Free Snus has resolved a major problem that can make the use of such smokeless products more enjoyable to 4 of 10 users who find the stinging “unpleasant” according to a major survey.

The stinging and burning sensation of present snus brands is also a major reason why many smokers, who have tried snus in an attempt to quit smoking, have failed. These people cannot stand the pain associated with snus use. Sting Free Snus is therefore now internationally recognized and globally awarded as a great product for tobacco harm reduction.

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ofta säger en bild mer än 1000 ord. 2019 ska bli #StingFreeSnus år! Dagligen i två års tid har konsumenter frågat mig och tobakshandlare (se video) när Sting Free snus teknologi produkter finns att köpa. Jobbar hårt på detta men äger ingen snusfabrik (ännu). Nu i startgroparna för en crowdfunding kampanj. Dela gärna inlägget & tack!

Often a picture says more than 1000 words. 2019 shall be #StingFreeSnus year. Daily, during two years time, consumers have asked me and tobacco retailers (see video) when sting-free #snus options will be for sale. We work hard for this but don't (currently) own a snus factory. Now in a crowdfunding campaign planned start. Welcome to share the post & thanks!
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there's often two sides of a story...
But only one #snus portion have two completely different sides. One white/red to protect the gum and the other one juicy and black. #StingFreeSnus, patented #smokeless pleasure that works on #snus, #chew, #moistsnuff and #nicotinepouch & nicotine pods in the world.
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