Snus and nicotine pouch Sting Free Tech

Sting Free Technology eliminates the burning sensation, and often cause for irritation, on the users' gum while retaining flavor and nicotine experience with all snus, moist snuff, and All White nicotine pouch products.

Bengt Wiberg President & CEO of Sting Free AB
Sting Free nicotine pouch close up
Sting Free nicotine pouch closeup II


Sting Free AB receives patent approvals in the United States and Europe for its nicotine pouch, snus, moist snuff and CBD innovation, and signs letters of intent for licensing agreements in Sweden and abroad in August 2020. Read more under the heading "Press."


Introducing the Sting Free Technology 

As the global demand for pouched tobacco, nicotine, and CBD deliver increases, one key obstacle remains, consumer acceptance. Due to the high pH, many initial experiences with pouched products are unpleasant. Users often report a stinging sensation and irritated gums, and will never try the product again.

Introducing Sting Free, the next generation of pouch satisfaction. The Sting Free solution can make any oral pouched product more easily accessible to a wider audience of adult consumers by reducing the pain (the stinging/burning) and gum and oral mucosa irritation caused by these products.

Sting Free is a patented solution that uses a proprietary barrier that coats the pouch material forming an impermeable barrier on the gum side of the pouch.

About Sting Free AB (previously B-O Wiberg Solutions AB)

Sting Free AB is headquartered near Stockholm, Sweden, a country with one of the highest per-capita rates of oral tobacco use. The executive team includes executives from large consumer sales and marketing organizations, including tobacco companies.

About the Inventor

Bengt Wiberg loves snus. The inveterate consumer needed to find a solution to reduce irritation after his dentist suggested that he stop using snus. After a long period of trial and error, he was able to invent the Sting Free product available soon, the next generation of pouch satisfaction.


All pouched products such as snus, nicotine pouches (“All White” products), chew bags, moist snuff, and other smokeless tobacco products.


The Sting Free Snus technology received patent approval in Sweden 2017 and is presently patent pending for, in Europe and other countries including the United States.

It was also elected the winner of the Golden Leaf Award at GTNF 2017 for “Most exciting newcomer to the industry” in New York City as well as “Top business idea in Sweden” in Venture Cup.