Sting Free Snus has greatly improved my own oral health. I invented the sting free solution after my dentist ordered me to stop using snus. My ordinary snus brands in pouch had caused a big snus lesion in the oral mucosa and very irritated gums that were risking to recede. Same dentist now confirms that my oral health is excellent, with no signs of damage any more since several years.


All snus stings and burns users’ sensitive gums and oral mucous membranes when used and can also irritate, and in some cases, harm them with extended use. 4 out of 10 snus users consider the stinging and burning sensation of snus use “unpleasant”. Still they use snus since it has so many other advantages as compared to e.g. smoking. The consumers have not been provided with a solution to the problem with stinging until the invention of Sting Free Snus, that can easily be applied to all brands of snus in pouch /portion) in the manufacturing process when producing snus. The pain of the stinging is also cited as a main reason why many smokers fail to start using snus as a replacement for smoking despite the fact that snus is far less harmful to overall health.



A built-in impermeable, soft and ultra-thin (0,03 mm) membrane, approved by the Swedish National Food Agency (“Livsmedelsverket”) is integrated into one side of the snus pouch in the manufacturing process. The protected side of the pouch is placed against the sensitive gums with all the benefits of Sting Free Snus as a result. The material also follow all EU laws and directives regarding the specific material.

In the media this solution is often referred to as “patching the pouch” i.e. protecting one side of the snus portion with a “patch”.



The many benefits of Sting Free Snus include:

Reducing or eliminating the stinging and burning sensation on gum and oral mucosa when using snus.

Gently protecting the gum and oral mucosa.

Decreasing the slight discoloring effect of snus (compared to many ordinary snus) on teeth.

Compatible with all existing snus in pouch (portion) brands.

Delivers the same nicotine experience, taste and smell as existing snus products.

Does not involve any chemicals and is easily understood by the users.

A great risk/harm reduction alternative for tobacco smokers.

Patent approved in Sweden and patent pending in Europe and USA, totally 39 countries.

Swedish Match, the biggest snus producer in the world, has already signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement.

Sting Free Snus technology
The patent approved Sting Free Snus technology works with any snus, moist snuff or chew in the world


80 % of all current users in Sweden can consider buying it

82 % of all stores in Sweden want to sell it

Patent-approved in Sweden and patent pending in 38 more countries incl. USA

Winner of best business idea in Sweden 2016 in the Venture Cup

Demanded by customers in physical stores in Sweden and Norway without even being for sale yet

About 1.5 million people have read about the product/method in at least 140 countries

Can save numerous cigarette smokers lives around the world

World-renowned scientists of oral health and snus have contributed to its appearance

Has a simple design that everyone understands including its positive qualities

Fulfills all Swedish and EU regulations

Participation in poddcasts and tv


B-O Wiberg Solutions AB is presently working with 3-4 new unique snus inventions. Two of these will shortly be registered with the Swedish patent and design protection organization PRV. All of the innovations could increase the sales of snus and contribute to increased snus enjoyment world-wide.