Breaking snus news – The Lancet reports 0 % increased health risk when using snus

A major scientific study has now proven that smokeless tobacco in the form of Swedish snus adds 0 % increased risk for health problems. The report was published in The Lancet 10 October 2017 and can be read here. Look out for patented snus 3.0 in 2018 with Sting Free Snus. Sting Free Snus has transformed snus from a safe low tech product to a more high tech and even better nicotine product by removing the stinging and burning sensation on the users gum and oral mucous membrane and preventing these from irritation and harm by help of an unnoticeable ultra thin membrane incorporated and making a protected side of the snus pouch in the manufacturing process.  Sweden already has the lowest rate of daily smokers in all Europe as well as the lowest rate of tobacco mortality.