Market opportunities for Sting Free Snus

The present largest markets for Swedish snus is Sweden, Norway, USA and China. The market is expected to increase much in the coming years due to e.g. the following.


In January 2017 the British High Court of Justice approved the application for Swedish snus to be referred to the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxemburg for approval of sales of snus in the EU. The Swedish Match and consumer grass root organization New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) case against EU is since March in ECJ. Most experts are in agreement that this time snus will be allowed in EU.

In EU there are more than 100 million cigarette smokers. All of, except for Sweden, deprived of the possibility to use snus instead of smoking cigarettes. Almost 0,8 million EU citizens die a premature death due to smoking caused diseases such as lung cancer annually. If the rate of smoking cigarettes in EU would be the same as in Sweden, almost 400 000 lives could be saved annually and tremendous health care costs could be saved.



China, with approximately 350 million cigarette smokers, have recently approved snus for sale. The world’s biggest cigarette manufacturer, state owned China Tobacco, has this spring produced its first two brands of snus for sale in China. If even a fraction of these smokers would convert to snus use, and particularly pain free Sting Free Snus, the benefits for public health and astronomical sales of snus would be enormous.


New Zeeland

In August 2017 the government of New Zeeland announced that it will permit the sales of snus and ee-cigarettes as a efficient methods of tobacco harm reduction.



Snus and other smokeless tobacco has since long been approved for sale in the US. The great change in attitude to these significantly less unhealthy products have not properly been stated as products of tobacco harm reduction by the organization FDA. On July 28 2017 this has changed dramatically. The new commissioner of FDA has announced e.g. that:

“Armed with the recognition of the risk continuum, and the reality that all roads lead back to cigarettes as the primary cause of the current problem, we need to envision a world where cigarettes lose their addictive potential through reduced nicotine levels.  And a world where less harmful alternative forms, efficiently delivering satisfying levels of nicotine, are available for those adults who need or want them.”

“…we must recognize the potential for innovation to lead to less harmful products, which, under FDA’s oversight, could be part of a solution.”

The changed attitude and policy of FDA is a game changer to the world of harm reduction. Immediately after the speech of the commissioner, cigarette manufacturers stock plummeted on the world’s stock markets. Sting Free Snus is a good example of an innovation sought by FDA in order to facilitate to smoking.