The Swedish Experience

Micth Zeller says FDA absolutely understanding The Swedish Experience (of snus)

FDA Director Mitch Zeller, of FDA Tobacco Center, praise The Swedish Experience of snus for tobacco harm reduction.

Powerful US Federal & Drug Administration, FDA, acknowledge Swedish snus and “The Swedish Experience” for having the lowest rate of daily smokers in Europe.

During Bengt Wiberg’s visit to New York City he asked the director of FDA tobacco center, Mitch Zeller, about his thoughts on Swedish snus and The Swedish Experience. The director replied in length and said “FDA absolutely understands The Swedish Experience” and has been inspired by it. The question was raised and replied to during the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum, #GTNF2017.

The whole reason for Swedish men having the lowest rate of daily smokers in Europe 2017, with only 5 % smokers of the country’s population, is that Swedish men are using smokeless tobacco in the form of snus instead of smoking cigarettes. The tobacco mortality, e.g. lung cancer and other cardio vascular diseases in Sweden, is also the lowest in Europe. All thanks to Swedish snus. It is also probably the only time that a “male habit” can teach women something healthy and useful. Swedish adult men have a 22-25 % rate of snus use while the women smoke cigarettes in a much higher degree and use snus in about 4-5 % of the population only.

Bengt Wiberg was congratulated by several of the 350 delegates from 70 countries at GTNF saying they had never heard FDA speak well about a specific tobacco harm reduction product before, ever.