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1 September 2020. Dagens Industri


Published: 02 September 2020, 08:27

STOCKHOLM (Nyhetsbyrån Direkt) The Swedish company Sting Free AB, which has developed a technology that makes portion-packed snus and nicotine products more accessible by eliminating the burning of the user's gums, will soon begin licensing negotiations in Europe and North America with manufacturers and distributors.

Sting Free currently has a non-exclusive license agreement with Swedish Match, and in August the company signed a letter of intent with both Swedish and foreign manufacturers of snus- and tobacco-free nicotine pouch products.

It appears from a press release.

The background is that Sting Free's patent application in the United States has now been approved by the US Patent Office. The European Patent Organization (EPO) has recently issued "an intention to grant European patents" covering 39 countries. The company already has the Swedish patent rights.

"We expect almost exponential market growth for portion-packed nicotine products, especially in foreign markets, when more manufacturers and brands start using our Sting Free technology," says Sting Free CEO Bengt Wiberg.

The patent covers a new and improved portion bag where one side of the portion bag is impermeable to liquids. Products that can use this technology include snus, tobacco-free All White nicotine products and chewing tobacco. In addition, the technology allows manufacturers to improve taste sensations, strengths, pH levels and nicotine release profiles for their serving products.

"This enables manufacturers of portion-packed nicotine products to easily create new products with completely different properties than those currently on the market," the company wrote in the press release.

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Father and son take snus without stinging out in the wide world

18 September 2020.



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1 September 2020. Tobacco Reporter (US) on Sting Free AB's patent approvals in The United States and Europe.  "Patents granted for Sting Free Snus."

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Sting Free AB’s award-winning nicotine pouch innovation receives patent approvals in the U.S. and Europe. Sting Free Technology makes snus and nicotine pouch products more accessible to adult consumers by eliminating the stinging sensation on the sensitive gum associated with their use.

1 September 2020. Tobacco Journal International (TJI) reports on the breakthrough patent approvals of Sting Free AB. "Patent approvals for nicotine pouch innovation"


Approximately 2,5  million people have now read about Sting Free Snus in several news articles in newspapers, magazines, and web forums.

The Aftonbladet (the biggest newspaper in Sweden) article alone became the most read news article in Sweden in June 2016 with approximately 0,6 million unique viewers on the web.

Several tobacco store owners in Norway and Sweden report that customers are already asking for the Sting Free snus options even though they are not available for sale in stores yet.

Tobacco Reporter, the biggest magazine for tobacco in the world, featured a big article on Sting Free Snus in July 2017 named "Patching the Pouch". Tobacco Reporter is distributed in 140 countries. The article also focuses very much on Sting Free Snus technology contribution to tobacco harm reduction with the front-page headline:

“Sting Free Snus – Helping smokers down the risk continuum”.

It also elaborates on the enormous market potential.

Tobacco Journal International (TJI), with subscribers in 100+ nations, featured a three-page article named "Taking the Sting Out of Snus" in 2018.

The biggest magazine for tobacco in Scandinavia, Tobak & Mer, has published several articles on Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus over the period of 2016-2019.

One of the biggest news sites for matters of health in Scandinavia, Dagens Hälsa (Today’s Health), describes Sting Free Snus as the method that could help smokers quit smoking by eliminating the stinging sensation when using snus. It was also the first time in the history of Dagens Hälsa that Swedish snus was described as a means of tobacco harm reduction, considerably less harmful than smoking.

Sting Free Snus has also been a featured story in several other newspapers such as Östgöta Correspondenten (Corren), Norrköpings Tidningar, 24Uppsala, Café, Uppfinnaren & Konstruktören,  Lidingö Tidning, Mitt I, Lidingösidan, Mitt Linköping, Veckans Affärer and others.

For further references see the blog "A "Fantastic Innovation that takes the Sting out of Snus" by famous that also featured a demonstration on a DIY solution of Sting Free here.

Tobacco Journal International April 2018

Tobacco Journal International on Sting Free Snus

Tobacco Reporter July 2017

Tobacco Reporter on Sting Free Snus
Tobacco Reporter on Sting Free Snus

TV, podcasts and public interviews

Sting Free Snus was chosen to participate in a Swedish equivalent to popular US TV-show “Shark Tank” or its British equivalent “Dragons Den” in the spring of 2017. The contest and the TV-series are called Företagsänglarna (The Business Angels). The jury consisting of the famous Swedish entrepreneurs and business angels Thomas Sonesson (Montre), Maria Mattsson Mähl (AlphaCE), John Lundqvist (The Friendly Swede), Magnus Hasselteg (Viva Media Group) and Kaija Carlson (Uppdrag köket). Extracts focusing on Sting Free technology, that came No. 2 in the big contest, can be seen here.

Företagsänglarna ("Shark Tank") TV-series Oct. 2017

News station 24Uppsala featured an interview with Bengt Wiberg, the inventor of Sting Free Snus shot at the TV-recording lounge in April 2017.

Sweden’s perhaps most popular business podcasts,, hosted by Mikael Arndt and Josef Fallesen., featured Bengt Wiberg with his Sting Free Snus.

In 2016 popular Stiff Upper Lip (UK), featured a long interview with Bengt Wiberg on his revolutionary snus innovations Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus on Youtube. Two interviews were made. One in English and one in Swedish and can be found here:

Word-wide popular snus channel (US), with almost 5 million views on Youtube, was the first Youtube channel to feature an interview describing Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus here

The biggest snus channel for German-speaking audiences,, recorded this interview during The Global Forum on Nicotine 2018. has almost one million views. (USA) speaks about Sting Free snus.

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