In the spring of 2017 the inventor of Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus Bengt Wiberg was invited as a speaker at the first St. Louis Snus Con in USA. During May 27-28 2017 the SnusCon event became a historical event for snus and other tools of tobacco harm reduction such as vaping (ecigg). The speakers flew in from two continents and also featured Dr Brad Rodu, professor at University of Louisville and endowed scientist of tobacco harm reduction. Probably the biggest authority on the matter of harm reduction in the world. Also participating was Vice President of Swedish Match, Dr Lars-Erik Rutqvist as well as the Global Director of Imperial Tobacco and Skruf and others. The conference was arranged and organized by Chad Jones of
The speech held by Bengt Wiberg covered the history of snus in pouch (portion) spanning from 1967 to 2017 and looking in to the future of snus with the patented innovations Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus. Special attention was addressed to Sting Free Snus role in tobacco harm reduction as well as snus in general. The speech can be seen here.
The next Snuscon will be held in Chicago on June 9-10 2018 and Bengt Wiberg has been invited and accepted to participate.
The speech of Professor Brad Rodu about The Swedish Experience of snus as the world’s most successful and scientifically proven product for tobacco harm reduction can be seen here. Dr Rodu is also a fan of Sting Free Snus and a personal friend.