There has been several statistical surveys, both in Sweden and USA as well as international, performed by the patent owner of Sting Free Snus. Here is a summary of some of these.

Snus habits and attitudes (2015/2016)

88% remember it stung in the mouth where they laid out their very first snus

88% of habitual snus users responded to it that it stings from time to time on the snus application site

40% of all replied that they experienced the stinging as being “unpleasant". Only 16% thought the same thing was "pleasant", while the rest were indifferent.

38% of all answered "yes" to the question about their dentist, at some point in their lives, commented on his/hers oral health (e.g. problems with gums, mucosa or the like) and also set this in the context of the person using snus.

70% of women and 64% of men answered that the possibility of using their present favorite variety of snus, but sting free, is "very interesting" or "interesting".

63% of all respondents replied "yes" when asked if they would consider buying a can of such sting free snus. An additional 17% answered "maybe" to the same question. Thus 80 % of snus users can consider buying sting free snus options.


Six questions on snus variation & 2-in-1 snus (2016)

Summary of results about the concept of two flavors and/or properties in the same snus pouch  (2-in-1 snus).

69% answered "very interesting" or "interesting" when asked about their spontaneous comments for "the ability to use a snus pouch with two optional flavors and / or properties in the same snus pouch.


56% of all respondents answered "yes" when asked whether they would consider buying a can of snus with such a variety. 27% answered "maybe" to the same question. Thus a total of 83 % of the respondents could consider buying a 2-in-1 snus.


Sting Free Snus attitudes among tobacco retailers in Sweden (2016/2017)

82 % of all responding tobacco retailers finds sting free variations of snus interesting and 82 % would like to sell this in their stores.


Tobacco habits of snus users internationally (2017)

In this survey including respondents from three continents (Europe, North America and Australia) it was confirmed that 73 % of the respondents were all former smokers of cigarettes and only 7 % were both using snus and cigarettes. The survey therefore confirm scientists researchers L M Ramström and J Foulds (“Role of snus in initiation and cessation of tobacco smoking in Sweden”) that the success factor to quit smoking by those using snus is between 71-72% for men and women in Sweden.

Sweden has the demonstrably lowest proportion of smokers in Europe and also has the lowest mortality rate per capita in heart and lung diseases. This is The Swedish Experience since Swedes consume the same amount of tobacco in total as the average in EU. Something we can thank the Swedish snus for.


Interest in investing in Sting Free Snus (2017)

This survey was launched during two days only on three Swedish Facebook groups where members discuss shares listed on any of the Swedish stock markets.

The questions were to find out if there was any investor interest in investing in the company that own the patent rights for Sting Free Snus. Here are the results. 208 persons replied in two days.

Background of the investors. 12 % were women and 88 % men. 70 % were under 38 years old and 38 % were aged 18-28. The majority of the respondents (53 %) had used snus during 2017 while 47 % did not. An amazing 54 % of the respondents had heard about Sting Free Snus prior to the survey.

97 % of the respondents could consider investing their private savings in shares of B-O Wiberg Solutions AB the owner of the Sting Free Snus patent and the average investment sum was approximately 33 000 SEK (3 600 USD) and totaling 6-9 million SEK (0,7-1 million USD) for a minority share in the company.