Sting Free Snus wins global award in New York City

Bengt Wiberg, the innovator of Sting Free Snus, won the highest award in the global tobacco industry in New York City on 13 September 2017 at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum #GTNF at Intercontinental Barclay hotel in Manhattan.

The award was for “The Most Exciting Newcomer to the Industry” and it also won the prestigious “Golden Leaf Award”. The competitors were the world’s biggest tobacco, smokeless tobacco and E-cigarette companies like e.g. Philip Morris, Reynolds Tobacco, British American Tobacco, US Smokeless and Japan Tobacco Industries and many more.

The international jury that awarded the International price award gave the following motivation for the award.

“B-O Wiberg Solutions received an award in the “Most exciting newcomer to the industry” category for its sting-free snus.

Snus is widely acknowledged to be significantly less harmful than smoking and thus presents considerable opportunity for tobacco harm reduction. However, the stinging sensation associated with snus acts as a deterrent to many would-be users.

Company owner Bengt Wiberg developed a patch that minimizes the sting but retains the flavor.

With the sting eliminated, Wiberg believes that many more smokers might be able to move down the risk continuum.

Wiberg’s solution not only serves the cause of harm reduction, but is also a commercially attractive proposition. Incorporating the membrane into snus pouches adds very little to the cost of production, but allows manufacturers to charge a premium for their sting-free brand varieties.

The invention has attracted considerable attention already, and could easily be considered the greatest snus innovation since the invention of the pouch.”

 It has never happened before that a product involving snus has won such award in the 11 year history of The Golden Leaf Award.


Sting Free Snus was awarded with the most distinguished price in the global tobacco-, smokeless tobacco- and vaping industry 2017 with The Golden Leaf Award.

Sting Free Snus International Awarded 2017 1

The winner of the global award "Most Exciting Newcomer to the Industry" 2017 address the directors of the world's largest tobacco and E cigarette companies as well as the Director of FDA Tobacco.

Sting Free Snus International Awarded 2017 8

Award ceremony at Intercontinental Barclay hotel in Manhattan. Patent holder Bengt Wiberg with his product Sting Free Snus show the audience at #GTNF2017 that Swedish snus can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, even in a Gala dinner celebration.