Stingfree Strong Blue Mint

  • Stingfree Strong Blue Mint - Nikotinpåsar
  • Stingfree Strong Blue Mint - Nikotinpåsar

Stingfree Strong Blue Mint is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a long, mild snus experience with a sweet mint flavor without burning the gums. These pouches come in a slim format, which makes them discreet under the lip. 

Instead of tobacco, Stingfree-products contains; flavorings, thickeners, fillers, salt, nicotine, sweeteners, stabilizers, acidity regulators, water and vegetable fiber. All manufacturing of Stingfree products takes place in Sweden.

What really sets Stingfree apart from other nicotine pouches and snus brands is its innovative design. Each pouch has a built-in barrier on the blue side, which counteracts burning and irritation on the gums. The barrier also contributes to a longer taste and nicotine experience than for ordinary pouches. The blue biofilm is made from plant based renewable material.

The blue side is placed against the gums and protects the gums against burning and irritation. The pouches are used and disposed of just like other nicotine pouches.

Product information

Product typeStingfree nicotine pouches
Can designTall can
Nicotine strengthNormal
Nicotine12 mg/g
Innehåll/förpackning11 g
ProducerSting Free AB
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