What is Sting Free snus technology?

How the patent approved sting-free technology works and eliminate the burning sensation that can lead to irritation on the gum and oral mucous membrane.

Sting Free Snus in 60 seconds.

How the patent approved 2-in-1 snus works, enabling any smokeless tobacco user to switch taste while enjoying the same portion. A solution to varied taste sensations in a pouch that has two separated sides.

The oral solutions with sting free snus

The burning sensation in present snus, chew, moist snuff and nicotine pouches acts as a deterrent for most would-be users.

How Sting Free solves three problems with snus and other smokeless tobacco and nicotine pouches.

The demand for sting-free products is unique since consumers are asking for such products on a daily basis in both Sweden and Norway. Reason why this is unique is that the products have not yet been put out for sale.

Swedish and global awards

Sting Free Snus - Winner of The Golden Leaf Award and the award for "Most Exciting Newcomer to the Industry" at The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum in New York City 2017

Sting Free Snus wins the title "Best business idea in Sweden" 2016 in Venture Cup. English subtitles.

Sting Free Snus came 2nd place in Swedish TV-series Företagsänglarna (Shark Tank/Dragons Den) in 2017.


Chad Jones ( interviews Bengt Wiberg on Sting Free Snus, #EUforsnus and more

The inventor of Sting Free Snus, Bengt Wiberg, explains the problems with snus and the solution.

How to avoid stinging and protect your gum and mucous membrane by yourself when using snus .

Uwe Hille ( ask and demonstrate "What is Sting Free Snus" (German language)

Interview with Sting Free Snus inventor Bengt Wiberg by snus channel Stiff Upper Lip in English.

Matt Campbel (, USA) live hangout with Bengt Wiberg (

Interview with Sting Free Snus inventor Bengt Wiberg by snus channel Stiff Upper Lip in Swedish.

Presenting Sting Free Snus and 2-in-1 snus at Snuscon 2017 in St. Louis, Misssouri, USA. Other speakers were e.g. Professor Brad Rodu, the global director of Imperial Tobacco (Skruf) Jonas Yden and the vice president of Swedish Match Lars Erik Rundqvist.

What is "2-in-1" snus? The inventor and patentholder, Bengt Wiberg, explains


Clips from the TV-series Företagsänglarna, Sweden's biggest entrepreneur contest (The Business Angels) where Sting Free Snus ended up on 2nd place.

Snus inventor Bengt Wiberg interview some of his competitors in Swedish TV-series Företagsänglarna (The Business Angels) about what they think of the snus invention.

Bengt Wiberg, inventor of Sting Free Snus, asking Swedish politicians and a MD what they would "like to do" with 30 billion SEK annually if all Swedes stopped smoking and used snus instead.


Sting Free Snus wins the highest award in the global tobacco industry in New York City 13 September 2017 at The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum, #GTNF2017 for "Most Exciting Newcomer to the Industry" and the Golden Leaf Award. The award was presented by the CEO of The Democracy Institute in London.

Quit smoking with (Sting Free) snus in 60 seconds.

Swedish author Mats Jonson at the book release of his book "SNUS!" with Bengt Wiberg, inventor of Sting Free Snus and mentioned in the historical book.


Demonstrating why smoking kills and why snus does not. The world's first snusing of a cigarette.

Sting Free Snus in the news covering 140 countries including the health perspectives.

Danish journalists interview former EU health commissioner John Dalli.