How the Stingfree technology works

In a nutshell Stingfree products provide a barrier between the users’ gums and the high pH content and aromas that are stored inside pouched products.

Most nicotine pouch products, such as snus or All White/Modern oral nicotine pouches, cause an unpleasant stinging or burning sensation – also known as Zyn burn – when placed against a user’s gum. It is also common for pouch users to experience oral health problems such snus lesions and even irreparable receding gums.

Snusdosa - vita nikotinpåsar
Snusdosa Blå Nikotinpåsar

Stingfree removes the stinging by placing a protective barrier on the gum side of the pouch.

The barrier protects the gum but flavor, scent and nicotine can still pass through the unprotected white side of the pouch.   Many users also find that Stingfree pouches deliver nicotine and flavors longer than traditional pouches.

Stingfree prilla

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